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Energy manager

SIGECO is an advanced energy tool which provides companies and major consumers an automated energy control through energy consumption telemetry.

The goal of SIGECO is to provide relevant energy consumption-related data about the company centers in a straightforward manner through remote connection and e-cloud access, allowing the companies to implement efficient managing models which may contribute to large energy and money savings.

Financial tool

SIGECO includes a comprehensive dashboard providing financial management indicators allowing control over the costs associated to energy consumption.

SIGECO is compatible with corporative ERP systems. It provides an interface for anticipated validation of power companies’ invoices.

Assistant for continuous improvement

SIGECO is a suitable Plan-Do-Check-Act type tool complying with ISO 50001 specification as an Energy Management System (EMS).

SIGECO allows measure and verify energy savings according to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

SIGECO is a tool which, at an affordable cost, complies with the target of informing those managers of companies attached to the fulfilling of RD 56/2016 about the possible energy saving alternatives at their company centers.